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money or no money, home to have the Spring Festival … … ” the Spring Festival approaching, a small ticket affects thousands of wandering heart. During the transport during the Spring Festival ticket is the problem that everybody cares most, is everyone's calendar year home a piece of heart disease. How to let you peace of mind, work, home smoothly, become the most important thing the company concerned. To solve the difficult problem of smooth staff ticket, let the staff have the Spring Festival happy home, honor the human resources department, administration department to mobilize the departments action, in a short span of a week of time, information related to overall collection staff, and the organization of personnel at the scene scheduling train station, to ensure that the group booking smoothly. Through this action group booking, for our employees to booking, online booking, phone booking, added a purchase channels.

January 18th and 19, in the human resources department, organized and orderly administrative department, successfully help employees to purchase the first batch of tickets, and continue to be group tickets through to the end, to solve any menace from the "rear" Spring Festival holiday home for employees. The cold wind howling, responsible for carrying the line booking colleagues every employee's expectation, with anxious staff home. Although the winter cold, heavy workload, night of travel, but their hearts are warm, with the warmth of their infection with every employee, when the first batch of tickets to the employees hands, a Shanxi employees cry and shed bitter tears, said: “ last year, because can not buy tickets, unable to return home. This piece of ticket, placed all I miss the feelings of their loved ones, I can finally go home. For a whole year. ” employees are feeling extremely, and said some mind job, insist on against the business summit, with the best attitude to work and the best performance to return the company to our loving care!

human oriented, caring staff of &rdquo enterprise is honor; after thirty years of development of the precipitation of the enterprise culture. Along with the growth of enterprises, honor not only sustained investment improve staff hardware living facilities, improve the staff and workers compensation and benefits, pay more attention to staff a full range of “ &rdquo happiness;. The Spring Festival is the most concern of the staff happy life theme, in order to make the most of the employees have the Spring Festival honor a safe and happy, except for the home employees booking shuttle station, the needle on the part of the Spring Festival is not home to have the Spring Festival employees, honor the company on New Year's Eve will also offer them a big family reunion dinner “ ” the Spring Festival, and the release of red, let the remaining workers in the company can also feel have the Spring Festival atmosphere and warm at home. In addition to the Spring Festival vacation with salary, the company also issued reimbursement staff visit return transportation ticket and other care policy.

At the same time, the organization of annual company executives to honour difficult employee family condolences, send good wishes to the new spring. In a condolence visit, leaders to the difficulties workers sent condolences to money, and sent for their elaborate special purchases for the Spring Festival, a cordial conversation with them, asked in detail about their health, life and family, encouraging them to keep optimistic attitude, active learning, a firm belief in life, for out of the predicament as soon as possible. The company high-level requirements to accompany the leadership at all levels and trade union cadres, should care more about the difficulties workers pain, increasing concern efforts, make good use of all the resources, in time for them to exclude the difficulty and anxiety, put the company's care and warmth to the difficulties workers' hearts.

in recent years, honor leans the sentiment construction supporting facilities, to create a good work, study and living environment for the staff, to provide clothing, food, live, row, medicine, music and other aspects of the convenience. Such as “ economic subsidies difficult employees, ” “ serious illness relief policy, ” “ their children to school reward policy ” and other welfare policies promulgated the implementation of the basic necessities of life, honor the company about the staff construction of people's livelihood and constantly improve care for employees, companies have in-depth every aspect of life, based on the interests of employees, improve staff happiness index, so that employees can more “ body surface ” life.

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