Condolences to the leadership in 2015 before the Spring Fest

February 4, 2015 afternoon, Yinzhou District vice governor Huang Xinshan with Pro District Organization Department, District People Club Bureau, street cadres to do an in-depth my company, condolences to the provincial skills master studio master Pan Chaoyu and a detailed understanding of the development of my company's technology R & D capability and master studio. Company chairman Lu Xinguo, master Pan Chaoyu attended the symposium.

vice mayor Huang Xinshan visited the company six floor exhibition hall and the company's future planning, for my company in recent years the achievements expressed high appreciation. The chairman of the board Lu Xinguo introduced the company now to clothing, printing, investment of several large industrial development to Huang Quchang; build the headquarters in Ningbo, Jiujiang industrial layout mode of production base. Through the reasonable arrangement of the transfer of industry, reduce the cost of production management, effective control of expenditure, improve the company's production efficiency.

at the forum, master Pan Chaoyu describes the development situation of my company's personnel training, technological achievements, new technology. Skill master studio was founded 4 years, has been named the District, municipal, provincial master the skills to work room, is the city of Ningbo garment industry with the first three provinces studio enterprise, and actively striving for national level master studio. Through the technical competition, first to excellence, and strive to improve the company's R & D level and company staff skills ability to work, provide a more comfortable fit clothing for the vast number of consumers.

the development of the company's technology and talent training to yellow vice governor made a deep and good impression, yellow vice mayor said, through to honor visits and master the skills of the exchange, see the company's future prospects good, also display the glory garment leader style and down-to-earth good business I hope the company spirit, make persistent efforts, increase technology research and development and personnel training dynamics, the honor has become the classic brand Chinese clothing.

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