How to choose the custom suits the knowledge necessary to

Hongkong the most major suit tailor Sam' s Tailor, received from all walks of life jorum level character, even before the American President Clinton, former British general Blair is his home customers. Let Sam' s Tailor boss Manu Melwani to tell you, how to distinguish the quality of suit.

The first to use your fingers to feel that a layer of fabric suit the middle layers of fabric, which determines the texture of the fine suit. Secondly, to check out the suit lining, quality not good lining will wash will shrink, or cracking, good lining must be mixed fabric of silk and rayon. Suit buttons on the cuffs is very important, not too tight and sew buttons must be hand sewn up.

A suit fabric is good, can take the first sleeve grip into a ball, and then release, if the sleeves to restore the original state of no creases, so there is no doubt, the texture is first-class suit. A definite business suit, Manu Melwani also mentioned a problem, the guest's body can change, so a bespoke suit pants must have can adjust the waist size function.

Finally, Manu Melwani talked about a good tailor, must be familiar with the shape and size of the guests, so that we can do a good fit guest body suit. So when you go to the tailor's tailor-made suit, can make sure the tailor must to your body size completely master oh.

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