Open the suit store how to do?

Men's suits and display note:

display suit style

All specifications exhibiting suit, so that consumers see their need to buy, otherwise consumers may because no applicable specifications and the purchase of competitive brand products. But if the shelf display area is finite, then the purchasing guide should display rotary speed suit varieties.

series of species concentrated display

Series of varieties of centralized display, the aim is to increase the suit series display effect, so that the series of suits are clearly presented in front of consumers, let them see and understand all the products of the company, and attract the attention of consumers, stimulate their impulse buying. In addition, a strong suit in variety series is also available through the centralized display, drive the species more vulnerable series of varieties, in order to train the star of tomorrow. Because the series products concentrated display capable of causing an aura, contribute to the overall sales drive.

makes full use of the display space

Make full use of the existing display space, exert the maximum utility and the charm of it, don't let it have hollow or supply shortage phenomenon, lest competitors to take advantage of a weak point.

display is easy to stop gathering place

in induced abortion

Guide buy personnel must master the mobile route customers, and will try to put the suit often walk in the consumer places, such as the end frame, near the entrance of the corner etc.. Generally speaking, people see more products, the probability of products purchased more. If placed in a remote corner, the product is not easily seen by users, where is also not good where to go.

keep the suit clean

In the display of the process, in addition to maintaining the suit itself clean, must also store damaged goods, defective replacement at any time. If unsalable goods, should be to deal with, can't let the dust, damage the brand image. As for the products will be positive towards customers, neatly arranged, avoid the shortage, keep the shelves clean, but also maintain the basic method of product value. In short, is to make a suit to the best appearance neat, clean, fresh faced with consumers, in order to maintain the value of the products.

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