Understand the emotional consumer evaluation of suit

Second, how to through the study of consumer emotion, understanding emotion consumer evaluation of suit suit, make product success in sales.

Third, based on the designers in the design process of sentiment analysis, research on how to help improving the creativity of designer &ldquo ”.

Fourth, through the analysis to the study of affective, the wearer's identity, status and taste, culture etc..

Fifth, based on the analysis of the emotional experience, the suit itself brings emotional feelings, emotional evaluation of feeling on loaded with suit.

The above 5 aspects are not isolated from each other, but contact with each other. The second point, fifth point can be fed back to the first point and the fifth point, allow designers to design more satisfy people's emotional needs suit; emotional evaluation on the good or bad feelings loaded is a necessary condition for the perceiver and the wearer can harmonious communication; conclusion the ability of emotion on the analysis and the research to suit the perceiver help Tigao in artificial intelligent emotional robot and human harmonious communication.

Research methods 4.4 suit emotional learning according to the definition of emotional learning suit, suit emotion to the extent is a cross subject of psychology and perceptual learning working suit, but in the theoretical level than the two subject more deeply, a part of some research conclusions can suit emotion as the two discipline basic theory the. So the research methods, some psychology Kansei Engineering and clothing aesthetics in suit emotion can still continue to use, such as observation, psychological measurement, questionnaires, group discussion method, depth interview method, projection, introspection, instrument measurement method, experimental method and literature research, here no longer — — redundancy.

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